Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coloring Time.. Color and Win !

Kids (and grownups ?), here is the scoop!

I want you to go HERE and pick one of the online coloring pages. Color with your heart and email the page to me at nara-saz@hotmail.com

You can do as many entries you like. You have until 09.07.2010
Every time you email me a coloring page, make sure you leave a comment to let me know. Make sure that you are a follower (click on follow button on the bottom right) so I know how to contact you.

Each colored page that you send me will be numbered in the order it will be received. I will pick a number using a random number generator from all the entries. I will contact the winner via email and announce on 09.08.2010

The best colored pages will be posted on the post announcing the winner.

EXCITED?? So am I.. Spread the word and let your friends join in the fun..

Best of Luck!!


Ru said...

Chachi, how do we get to look at eachother's?

JV said...

@ Ru: I will post some of the best colored pictures so everyone can see them InshaAllah.

Ru said...

Ok, Jazakallah:)

U said...

Did you get mine?

NV said...

hmmp its not fair!they say that the reading person is worth nothing but it is to me a lot!he is reading Quran.Quran is a special book!It comes from Allah(god)!that is why i did not get to