Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ramadan Presentations..

This one was a joint effort by U, R and S. U was very brave to let R and S help on her presentation. It came out great!

This one was made by N. Very Nice!

This one was done by Ru.Wonderful!

Here is N's passage close-up.

Here is a close-up of Ru.

And another close-up of N.

And work in progress of U's. Her entire presentation evolved from the Bo Boo's that S made.

Great Job guys!! Keep it up!! So, what are we doing next??


U said...

There were only 3 tri folds.At first, I thought that If I let
R & S color with me, It would ruin
my tri fold. But I managed to create S's art & R's art on each side where they could draw their own stuff. It was really S's idea to make a little city! She accidently drew big rectangle outside of her box, so we all decided to make buildings. S wanted to make something in the middle, so she made a black mark on top of the pink building! But we turned it into smoke. I felt a little sorry for S so I let her color it in!!!

JV said...

U: You showed a lot of team spirit and worked great as a team. You made me very proud, as always! Thanks for taking the courage to let S and R work along with you. You had a choice but you decided to incorporate R and S so they don't feel left out. Keep it up!

Lotsa love, Chachi.

FV said...

I am Proud of all the kiddos! You all have done a fabulous Job! Mashallah!
Keep up the Great work!

JV said...

@FV Thanks for all the encouragement

Ru said...

This project was a BLAST!

FV said...

I am glad you kids had fun!! Love you all!

NV said...

I really like that everybody did there best work!

NV said...

I really like that everybody did there best work!

JV said...

@ NV: Thanks for the encouragement. You all did your best indeed!!