Saturday, August 28, 2010

Think About It....

Contributed by U:

Have you ever thought about yourself to stay healthy and what you need to do is lose weight? Why not try to fast? There are lots of benifets you can get by doing this:

1.Thinner(if you think your fat)
2.Lighter(if you think your too heavy)
3.Good Deeds(70 times or more in Ramadan)
4.You Feel for Poor People
5.Your Body gets Cleaned Out(by not eating or drinking)
6.Allah Loves the Smell of Your Breath( smells like musk to Him )

You know, some people always fast. Do you know who they are? Guess.

Poor people. At Maghrib time, our tables are filled with food. But they still need to fast until they finally find food! So that is why we need to fast.


FV said...

U: Its very touching... Jazakallah for sharing your views with us! love

U said...