Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Take Ru's Quiz

Take Ru's Quiz

1- Ramadan is the month of ______.
A- fasting
B- playing
C- jumping
D-watching tv

2- We fast for ______.
A- parents
B- Allah
C- sisters
D- stars

3- Eid is ______.
A- the first day of Ramadan
B- Independence Day
C- the last day of Ramadan
D- the first day of Shawal

4- What do we depend on to start Ramadan?
A- sunrise
B- new moon
C- shooting stars
D- lightning

5- How does Allah help us in Ramadan?
A- he locks the Shayateen 
B- he opens the doors of Jannat
C- he closes the doors of Jahanam
D- all of the above

Bonus Question

6- How many rewards do you get in Ramadan?

Give your answers in the Comments Section!! Good Luck!


FV said...

Here are my Quiz results:
1: A
2: B
3: C
4: A
5: A
Bonus Question:

I hope i did well in my Quiz! :)

Ru said...

Well, here are the results:
Bonus Queston:

You A!
But for the Bonus Question, I mean like for every letter you say, for example, Bismillah, for every letter you get 70 rewards. Imagine, getting .....hmmmmmmmm..........630 rewards! Now imagine saying Bismillah hirahman iraheem. You get........hmmmmmm...........1,680!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Ru is very generous in her grading .... Don't you?

JV said...

Yup! If she would be my teacher, I think I would get straight A's all the time :D

FV said...

Dear Ru.... Thank you so much for the results.... Jazakallah for giving me an A though i didn't deserve it... It was very sweet of you!

Anonymous said...

Hey...Qs. 3 and Qs. 5 was tricky, ok?
Even I had to think twice.. give fv a break :D

Ru said...

Anyone else wanna take my quiz? C'mon, I'll give you an A......

JV said...

@ Ru: but the answers are out already...
ready for your next quiz??

U said...

Chachi is right:O

Ru said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I forgot.......

Shehnila said...

Aoa, MAriam answered,


I explained her 3& 5 and she got to learn a lot from this quiz.JZ to Ru.

and for bonus she answered 99.(she got confused by 99 names of Allah)

FV said...

awww.. soo sweet!! at least she is better then me Mashallah!!