Monday, August 30, 2010

Featuring our Dedicated Little Muslimah, M*r**m with Sadaqah Box Activity

M*r**m is five and along with her mom (my dear friend) is usually busy with  some activities that inspires me all the time. Here is a Sadaqah box activity that they did earlier this week and were kind enough to share with Nara-Saz.

The inspiration for their activity came from UmmAbdulBasirsCreativeCorner

This activity is called Sadaqah (Charity) Boxes. There are 10 activity cards where the child puts the certain amount of items into their respective Sadaqah box. The child reads the number on the box and counts as many items and places them into the Sadaqah Box. This activity teaches them counting but most importantly teaches them about giving Sadaqah. The best part that M*r**m enjoyed was counting the smiles to give out as Sadaqahs. Don't you think we should do that more often too??

 :D :D :D :D :D :D

M*r**m working on the activity (cutting out the boxes)

Sample of the template

 Binded all the 10 boxes with pipe cleaners

The whole package before adding pockets

Little sadaqah cards (cut and laminate)

M*r**m made some of her own as well ($8,$3 and $5 bills :P)

M*r**m wanted some pockets to put the sadaqah cards so they glued  pockets to each page to put the sadaqah cards

Close up


SV said...


JZ :) and this box is a hit lately as a lot of sadaqah is going in it.MAy Allah keep us all on siratul mustaqim.....Ameen.

FV said...

It Is a beautiful concept! Mashallah

U said...

Very great idea :) Is this going to Pakistan?