Thursday, April 22, 2010

Remember those Coffee Filters??

 N couldn't realize that these were the filters she had painted.. She is still in a state of disbelief...

Scroll down or click here to see the painted filters from a few days ago.

As I said..*someday* Latest pictures of my kids art gallery!

 Surprised?? I know, I am impressed myself! The painting are up on the wall!! Yeah!!

I guess I could do a better configuration. I am not very happy with the end results.. but hey.. its still in works and my kids are happy! They are so proud to show off their art.

Ehm ehm, Since I was at it, I hung my paintings in the living room too. Listen, its my first attempt so no criticism okay...

 and here is a close-up

The *IN WORKS* Art Gallery!

As I had mentioned earlier that I may end up making my hallway an art gallery, here is what it is looking like so far. I will be getting more picture frames *soon* (don't you roll your eyes at me) and will update with more pics!

A Turtle was Rescued...

Guess what we found in the pool? A little stranded turtle struggling to get out of the water..Hubby decided to bring it home for a couple of hours so N and R could see it as well since they were still in school. After a quick look-up, we decided to give him some veggies that I had on hand. We kept him in my fish bowl. (Yes, that same fish bowl that used to have my two poor fish!). I had not told the kids about this little surprise and they indeed were excited. N wanted to hold it in her hand right away and she sure did. Then R wanted to follow suit while S was hiding behind anything and everything she could find yet secretly admiring him. About half an hour later,hubby and kids went to the pool side and let him back in the woods and to wish him good luck hoping he would find his family again.
Later that day, N decided to write a report on her findings of the little turtle. She did well. One day when I get around to it, I may scan it and upload it. Yes, one day!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coffee Filter Flowers

We had some left over paints after kids were done with painting that I would hate to waste. So we decided to use it to paint on some coffee filters. Here is what they look like. Pretty, isn't it? The intention is to make flowers with them, one day! :)

Painting Away..

The paints and the paint brushes are finally out. Kids have been painting away. Their creative juices are flowing and the artwork is flowing everywhere too ;) There is such a collection now that I can make my own art gallery.  *wink wink*  Now my own creative juices are flowing. After all, it wont be a bad idea to frame their artwork for my hallway!

Here are some of their artistic creations that I am much proud of..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Little trees

I know I know!! Its been a while. What has been going on? Hmm.. come to think of it, I cant think of any! Kids had been begging to do some crafts and I had been putting it off for so long. A perfect example of the sign on my computer desk that says " I always wanted to be a procrastinator. Just never got around to it!"

Well, I finally got around to get the kids crafty this week. The first project we did was an inspiration from Frugal Family fun Blog. We went out in the back yard to hunt for some twigs and that gave us a chance for a quick nature trail. After collecting some twigs and gathering the play-doh, the kids got busy. It was really simple; stick the twigs into the play-doh, put blobs of play-doh on the edges and Voila! A piece of art.. umm 3 pieces of art!! :D

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Planting time~

Target dollar spot has some great gardening supplies to welcome spring. I picked up some soil pellets (what a neat idea) and some herbs and a pot to get the kids busy for yet another project. They were excited to see the magical pellets turn into soil within seconds. That was definitely the highlight of this activity!