Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An artist in the making

Here's s drawings away on the white board..

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Moral of the story??

My dear lovely sister M***h* called me up yesterday and we talked for soo long and it felt sooo nice. Although I had been meaning to call her for the longest time, but you already know how I am. End of discussion.

Anyways, she had a wonderful story to share with me and I feel honored to share it with all of you!

So, here it goes... My dear sister moved to Calgary after she got married. Her apartment is right across the laundry facility in their complex which gives her no excuse not to do her laundry on time. It has a coin activation system that in order to use the laundry machines, you have to insert the coins (quarters). Some days ago, there were these notices all over the buildings from the management that the coins are being stolen from the machines and it was an alert for the community to watch out for any suspicious activity. So my dear sister and her husband were on the alert. One fine evening, when H**Z* was trying to study for his 219th test, my dear sister shouted and screamed and yelled and cried to get his attention and when she finally got his attention, she asked him to confirm what she thought was happening. He looked through the peep hole and to their amazement, they saw that there was a big tall guy with two bags full of coins tampering with the laundry room. Yeah, they have a suspect and ofcourse H**za called 911 and M***h* called the management and within moments the police was there and the thief was finally arrested. They felt so proud of themselves. They couldn't hold their excitement that what great samaritans they had been. Yes they were going to be famous and they will take pride in telling their kids and their grand kids and their great great grand kids how brave they were. They were expecting a grand  citizenship award for their bravery. I 
don't blame them. I would ofcourse be so proud of myself.

So the next day, my dear sister decided to ask the management about the encounter and get some credits for her good deed . To her shocking surprise she was told that the guy who was arrested was no other that the laundry facility manager!!!!!!


Ehm ehm...

And then she heard another guy quoting that some idiot called 911 and got this poor innocent guy arrested for just doing his job!

So much for being a good citizen...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog Anniversary!!!

Along with the blog being a year old today, Z turned two years old. Time flies!! Thanks for all your support and keeping this little chatterbox alive. Although this blog is being ignored a lot lately, things should change for the better soon...Keep us in your duas!

Lotsa Love!!