Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog Anniversary!!!

Along with the blog being a year old today, Z turned two years old. Time flies!! Thanks for all your support and keeping this little chatterbox alive. Although this blog is being ignored a lot lately, things should change for the better soon...Keep us in your duas!

Lotsa Love!!


FV said...

Congratulations on the first birthday of Blog and 2nd birthday of Z......



Anonymous said...

Let me tell you you Guyz are celebrities,
My daughter was pleading her dad yesterday that she wants to go to FL & when her dad asked why do you want to go there? her answer was " narasaz wala oo thi malwa"........and we just couldn't stop laughing.......:D

JV said...

And when can we have the honor to meet your daughter??

FV said...

hehehe:):) thats soo sweet!! :)