Tips n Tricks

How to Clean a Vinyl Shower Curtain:

I had this habit of tossing out my shower curtain liner and replacing them every three to four months as it would turn brown/black with mold and mildew and what-not stains. One day, while spraying the tub with 'Arms and Hammer Bathroom Cleaner with bleach - mold and mildew' I thought of spraying my curtain liner to see if it does any good. It was going to be trashed anyways,,and the result..stunning!! It seemed good as new. No scrubbing required!! For next time, I will post the 'before and after' pics.

Tips to Stretch your Art Supplies:  

One of the blogs that I frequent is Frugal Family Fun Blog. I was looking for a way to maximize on the art supplies that I got today for the kids to go through over the summer. Wow, these arts n crafts supplies cost have reached the sky.. and surely I found the tips that I needed to make these things last much longer.. Read on what Valerie has to say