Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cake decorating!

Ru, U and N decided to take a cake decorating class from *yours truly*  and I must say, I am very VERY impressed how their cakes turned out!!
I should have taken pictures throughout the process but because I was so caught up with everything else.. it slipped off my mind.. it would have been fun though..but S was there with the right intentions..
Before I can can show you the pics, I must tell you that Ru and U baked their cakes all by themselves while N helped me. If by this time you are wondering what R and S and Z were upto, Z was keeping herself entertained between eating rice krispies, watching signing time, doing what-not on my phone and watching us from time to time. S, although wanted a cake of her own, decided on being the photographer and my helper. That's a whole different story that the pics that I reviewed later showed everthing but the cake decorating process :)
Now coming to R, well.. this whole cake decorating class idea evolved when me and R were already in the process of decorating a cake in a round gift box theme. So we continued that while the girls started off on their cakes from bottom up.

Here are the fisnished cakes 4 hours and 4 tylenols later - Joking on the Tylenol, although anticipating to take them, pleased to say that I didnt need any as it was so much fun! Lets do it again sometime!

Ru's masterpiece

U's artistry

N's showpiece

And R's assisted giftbox cake

All these guys were filled with strawberry filling, by the way.. Yumm.. Want to take a peek inside? Don't blame me if you see yourself licking your screen..

Thanks kiddos!! It was so much fun!!