Sunday, August 28, 2011

Whats cooking for Eid??

My dear brother Ashfaq sent me a message the other day stating that he has made lots of duas over the odd nights to be able to eat all the sweet treats for Eid..and was asking for recipes...

Here is what we are tentatively planning on (InshaAllah) making for Eid.. Lets see where this list takes me..

Also thinking on making Ras Malai, Baked Alaska, Brownies and Sugar Cookies.. Shout out for recipes in Mummy'sCookBook if you don't hear from me soon..

Feel free to add to the wish list. Also, you all are invited to come over.. See you soon !!

You guys are right!!

R made the soft and chewy cookies while N made the firm and crunchy..
S will be making the next batch..


Now come over for the All-You-Can-Eat Cookie Feast...


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paper Pets

Girls got together again and wanted to do something creative. This is what they came up with...

Here is U's pet birdie

And R's ...
 N decided to make a peacock..

and here is what it looks like on the other side..

And a butterfly also made by N

And a baby butterfly that S made.. Isn't that cute? 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I am back... and its smellin' good in the kitchen..

I know its been a while .... but hey... think positive.... atleast I am here!! 
I am back..hopefully not for just a while..And since you are reading this..  (Thanks for sticking around and being patient with me and my blog), I must reward you with something..

Hmm.. something..

How about ..

Some fresh baked cookies??

Yes, that seems to be a good idea..

Well.. they are right in the oven.. and I can smell them.. N and R is preparing their own special unique is soft and chewy, the other firm and crunchy.. 


Here is your reward:  The COOKIES. 

Your reward is to actually just look at these mouth-watering, delicious and tempting cookies ..

Were you thinking I was going to offer you these to eat as reward?

Wishful thinking!!

But Wait..

What I need you to do is guess who made which batch?

Did N made the soft and chewy or was it R? Who make the firm and crunchy?

Shout out your answers in the comments section...