Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I am back... and its smellin' good in the kitchen..

I know its been a while .... but hey... think positive.... atleast I am here!! 
I am back..hopefully not for just a while..And since you are reading this..  (Thanks for sticking around and being patient with me and my blog), I must reward you with something..

Hmm.. something..

How about ..

Some fresh baked cookies??

Yes, that seems to be a good idea..

Well.. they are right in the oven.. and I can smell them.. N and R is preparing their own special unique batch..one is soft and chewy, the other firm and crunchy.. 


Here is your reward:  The COOKIES. 

Your reward is to actually just look at these mouth-watering, delicious and tempting cookies ..

Were you thinking I was going to offer you these to eat as reward?

Wishful thinking!!

But Wait..

What I need you to do is guess who made which batch?

Did N made the soft and chewy or was it R? Who make the firm and crunchy?

Shout out your answers in the comments section...

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