Friday, August 20, 2010

PlaceMats for Eid

We have been working on making place mats for Eid day's brunch. The template was downloaded from HERE

The kids got on to coloring and then I laminated them using no heat laminating sheets. Don't they look great??



R, N and S are still working on theirs..


Shehnila said...

Absolutely cool & colorful;)!!!!!
I will print one for Mariam as well....jz for sharing.

JV said...

Yes it is.. N and r and S's are ready too.. I just need to put the pictures up.
Please do print for Mariam as well. And spread the word..

FV said...

They are beautiful!

FV said...

They are beautiful!

JV said...

JazakAllah FV. Kids are proud of their creations..I need to post pictures for the rest...I guess all this crafting will be set aside until weekends as school starts tomorrow!!

U said...

These were very fun coloring!!!
Jazakallah Chachi for being so kind!!!

JV said...

@U I am so glad to hear that you had fun!

Ru said...

I had fun too! Lots of fun!