Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadan Poem by U

Ramadan is here,
Let's all cheer!
Time for 'Ibadat,
Time for fast,
So many rewards,
What a blast!
No food or drinks,
From dawn to dusk,
No hitting and fighting,
And no more cake rusk!
Let's make some dua'as,
And ask Allah to forgive us,
For the bad sins we made,
And let's not make any fuss!
For Ramadan is the month
Of forgiveness and blessings!!


FV said...

Such beautiful Poem... Mashallah!

JV said...

Awww... so sweeet!!

U said...


JV said...

Ameen Wa Iyyaki

FV said...

Ameen! Barakallahu fi