Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Ramadan Quiz by Ru

Post your answers in the comments section. Ru will be answering the questions on 09.03.2010 and you can cross check.

(1) Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammed (SAW) during which month:
1- Rajab
2- Shaaban
3- Ramadan

(2) Fasting help the believers, because :
1- It teaches them self control.
2- It makes them feel what a hungry needy person feels.
3- It makes them strong believers.
4- It is a healthy practice for the body.
5- All of the above.

(3) Who is allowed not to fast Ramadan :
1- The very young who cannot fast.
2- Sick people
3- The very old people who cannot fast.
4- All of the above.

(4) How many days is the month of Ramadan ?

(5) Which system does the Islamic Calendar follows,
the lunar (moon) calendar or the solar (Sun) Calendar?

(6) What is the night that is better than a thousand month ?


Ru said...

I had to take this quiz for Islamic Studies homework.

FV said...

Ru: here are my answers:

1: Ramadan
2: All of the above
3: All of the above
4: 29 or 30 depending on the moon
5: The lunar moon system
6: Laylat-ul-Qadar

I hope i did well this time! :)

Ru said...

You got all of them right, Mashallah! This time, you get an A++++++!

FV said...

Jazakallah Jani... I worked really hard this time!:)

U said...

You wern't suppose to give away the answers now!!!

JV said...

@U: I know...:D ..Silly you, Ru!!

FV said...

hehehe... :) Ru did it for me only.. ;)

Sheetal said...

Try the new Ramzan Quiz
and let us know your reaction!