Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Day at the Beach..

Saturday, we decided to go to the beach with the kids. We picked a new location called the Canaveral National Seashores near the Kennedy Space Center. N wanted a beach to herself and she got it!!  It was secluded and peaceful. We flew kites, played in the sand, enjoyed the waves and had a relaxing day at the beach. All went well until it was Maghrib time and we got attacked by the mosquitoes.. R was hit hard.. I mean HARD!! It seemed that he got beaten up by someone.. His eyes are swollen and red puffy spots all over.. (I feel so sorry and sad for him, my poor baby!)

Right after we read salaah and left, we stopped by a CVS and got some anti-itch and soothing gel. Alhamdulillah none of the kids complained back home. I gave R some Benadryl and as I type, he is enjoying his Spoon Therapy(details below) right now :D

He is feeling much better! I will be taking them to Chuck e Cheese in a little bit to reward him for all his patience and bravery..

Also need to stop by the car wash to get all those dead love bugs washed off.

I have pics on my phone and will download and share them by tonight InshaAllah.

Spoon Therapy:
Get four metal spoons; one of the fastest, easiest and cheapest ways to reduce puffiness around your eyes is with a glass of ice water and four metal serving spoons. Chill the spoons in ice water then place one over each eye. When the spoons becomes warm, switch them with the others chilling in the glass of ice water.


FV said...

Awwww.... Mera Jaaan... Mashallah kitlu sabar walu chai!! JV Plesh give R A big Hug from me!! Jazakallah!!

JV said...

@ FV: I did..Yes, Alhamdulillah he's brave. He has a pretty bad one on his arm and a couple on his legs.. Make duas for him.. Ru, U and N have several bites too.. They are acting quite brave as well.May Allah SWT give them all Sabr... I feel so bad for them.. poor babies..all the fun and then this!! Sorry guys..really sowwie!!!

FV said...

May Allah Give all My kids Sabr! I love you all so much!! May Allah give you all Shifaa sooon! Ameen!!

U said...

Poor Rayyan, Alhamdulillah he is feeling much better now :)

Ru said...

I got 4 on my face,
3 on my neck,
2 on my arm,
2 on my other arm,
and 1 on my leg.
But its all gone. You know whats funny? When we were in the car, and Chachu was praying (outside), N smashed 4 against the window, I squished 1 that was on Z's cheek, U killed 1, Chachi squished 2 (with a tissue), I don't know 'bout R, but S, she was just munching her chips and sipping her milk and whenever she saw a mosqitoe, she yelled "MACHAR!"

JV said...

@U: yep, Alhamdulillah, all gone and forgotton!!

@R: You are too funny!

FV said...

U: Allhamdulilah...
R: You are tooooo cute!! and really funny!! :)