Tuesday, September 7, 2010

UPDATE: Ramadan Coloring Pages

I know today is the BIG day.. I have some good news and some bad news..What do you want to hear first??

Well, let me tell you the bad news first... I have been getting messages from a lot of you that you tried emailing me the pictures.. but I never got them for one reason or the other..  I just checked my Junk folder and I was able to retrieve only some..  MY HEARTFELT APOLOGIES... (hey its my first time.. have Sabr.. remember its still Ramadan!)

Now the Good News... I will be posting all the pictures that I received... they are all Super cute!! Good Job EVERYONE!!

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Winner is 3rd Picture:  Ru !!!!  Mubrook!!!

Here they are:



Ru (The Winner)







Ch**** Kh**a


Ru said...

Thank you so much Chchi, everyone else did do a wonderful job, right? Everyone is sooo creative, and I mean it. It's nice to see everyone's creativity!

Anonymous said...

Well said Ru. All the coloring is very impressive. Mashallah. Glad you all had fun.

U said...

How come there isn't mine???:(

U said...

What is the winner's prize?

U said...

Did you get mixed up with N's mosque because I did the same thing: green masjid, brown door, white lines......................
except, there were lots of different shades of green on mine;
As long as I can remember :s

FV said...

All the paintings are beautiful Mashallah!! Every one did a great job! Allhamdulillah Congratulations

JV said...

U, I am so sorry if you don't see yours.. It may have ended up in the junk mail.. You re still welcome to paint more and I'll add it these pictures..SOWWIEEE

JV said...

@Ru: Thanks for the kind words.. Yes, they all look great MashaAllah.

@U: The Winners' prize is a BIG Virtual HUG!!!

JV said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ru said...

Wow! I get a hug! But I think everyone else deserves one too, don't you agree? They all have their own thoughts, right? But thank you soooooooooo much!


U said...

That is a very sweet gift!
It may not sound like much,
But when you get it,
It means a lot!!!

Ru said...

When will I get my hug?

JV said...

@ Ru: Right NOW!! (Again!)

Warm and Squeezy Hugs for you!!

N said...

Amn't I the winner?

JV said...

@N: Do you have any ideas to do something similar?

NV said...

So,if ru is the winner does that
mean that we can't color anymore?I don't see any here printed in red.
In fact I don't even see anything
printed in red.Is it expired or what?

JV said...

@ NV: You can still color away...

Here are the coloring pages: http://www.thecolor.com/Category/Coloring/Ramadan.aspx

Much love!!

Mummy :D