Tuesday, June 15, 2010

'The not so great' Cuddly Poms!

Remember how proud I was for all the bargain craft kits I got from Michaels?? Put a few to test and quite disappointed, really! The kids got bored out sooner than I expected and left me with finishing them off. So far, I have tried the airplane and bracelet tablets, and these cuddly Pom Kits. Airplanes were super easy..the rest were super complicated with hard to interpret or no instructions..Anyways, enough of the ranting.. I guess you get what you pay for!! (These were on clearance, the cuddly pom kits that is)

R chuckles that this is the silliest monkey he has ever seen, EVER! ( I don't blame him)

Ehmm.. these are *supposed* to be Koala Bears!! (No comments from the girls!)

An hour and a half later, these guys are still sitting there where I left them. Trash Can, here we come!!!

UPDATE: When I was ready to toss them off, N asked why I was trashing them and she excused that they were letting these guys dry out. She wants to keep them!

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