Monday, June 14, 2010

15 minutes daily Clean-up Routine for kids

N and S share one room while R and Z share the other. Their room is clean to the T one day and next day it seems that it has not been cleaned in ages. This time when their room was cleaned-up again (for the n-th time, I suppose), we decided to do a 15 minutes clean-up routine everyday so that it doesn't end up in an over -whelming situation. This is what I have printed out and put on their closet doors. They put a 15 minute timer on the oven and try to beat the clock. Clean-up is fun now and results are surprising.

 If you want a printable pdf of this checklist, let me know and I will email it to you. I thought about embedding the file in here but seemed way tooo much work! (via scribd)

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