Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fun Foam Creatures..

Today I made a BIG Blunder. We had a pretty late night yesterday (2:00am!!). This morning, got the kids all ready and picked up Ru and U and on the way to Lowes for the 'Build and Grow Clinic', I realized that we had reserved for next week instead of today. I announced it to the kids and got them mentally prepared that we could just try to attend today's session or go home and do some fun craft project.Either ways, they were excited. Lowes was a no-go! We explored around Lowes for a while and then got home. The kids started off on their foam creatures right away. Well, not right , right away but know what I mean! Ofcourse they spent a good fifteen minutes deciding who wants what. And then, they started right away :)

Ru made a Froggie(she wanted the shark), U made a Ladybug, N settled for a turtle (she wanted the froggie), R was persistent for a Shark and S got her hands on the bunny. I must admit that they all worked it out between themselves and I did not have to intervene. Good Job guys!!

S's Bunny Rabbit

U's Ladybug

Ru's Froggie

R's Shark

N's Turtle

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