Monday, August 12, 2013

Have you been wondering like myself...

Every now and then for the past month or so, I have been getting emails with blog posts and recaps from Nara-saz and I have absolutely NOTHING to do with it. I have not been here to make any changes to the settings nor have I have given admin access to anyone else. So it boils down to this one thing, Nara-Saz is missing me and calling me and hinting at me to pay attention and give it some TLC. So I am calling out to all my readers to please go ahead and open up a notepad and start to write/draw something interesting... Submit it to me and your post will be on Nara-Saz... How does that sound??

In the meanwhile, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Eid Mubarak. Hope everyone had as much fun as we did. The kids decided to celebrate Eid in a grand way this time since Eid was during the summer break and they had the time to prepare and not worry about school.

Have you heard that a picture is worth a thousand words? I will conclude with these picture.. Great job RUNRSZ!!!

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