Friday, March 4, 2011

Dr. Seuss Junior

In lieu of celebrating Dr. Seuss's Birthday, N was asked to write a story similar to Dr. Seuss's style. Here is what she came up with..

Salt, its all your fault!

Once a mother said, "Oh brother!"
I ran to her and asked her why and all she said was don't be shy.
It is all its fault! What do you mean? I asked.
Its all the Salt's fault! I'll tell you the story. It is not a glory.
I put pepper in the rice and it started to look like mice!
Then I saw that it was the salt. Ugh, it was all Salt's fault!
Then I had a thing to say. Could I say it another day?
I made more rice. It didn't look like mice.
I mixed and rolled. I rolled and mixed.
Soon Everything got completely fixed!


Anonymous said...

very creative mashAllah!!! i think she is talking abt her own mother in this story:)

FV said...

Its so beautiful and creative Mashallah!! Keep up the great work N!!!

U said...

Mashallah, I bet I can't even do that!