Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am back here.. Finally!

I heard you and I heard you yet again.. I know you are sick and tired of watching the Toronto/Buffalo pictures every time you stop by to see if I have posted anything new. So I decided that I should take some action.. and there is no better time than NOW!
Well.. I have sat down to write something but then I think there are a hundred things that I want to write about and I am not sure where to start off.. So N suggested that we could warm up with some jokes..
And she wants to share some jokes with all of us right now..
So I will let her dictate as I type...

1.Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?? 
2.Why is Six afraid of Seven?
I know that one!!!

I know.. Just don't tell yet! Remember Mummy, answers in the end!

3.Which Driver never gets a ticket?
4.Where did the baseball keep its lemonade??
5.Which bug do firefighters really dislike?
6.What color is a burp?
7.What has two humps and is in the North Pole?
8.What kind of a Phone does the Ocean have?
9. What do you call a cat that is frozen?
10.What's a dog's favorite dessert?

And the answers....

No Peeking...

No Cheating.....

Take a guess first......

Here ya go......


Now that is...

1. To get to the other side.
2. Because Seven Ate Nine
3.A Screw Driver
4. In the Pitcher
5. Fire Flies
6. Burple
7. A lost Camel
8. A Shell-Phone
9. A Cat-sicle
10. A Pup-Cake.


FV said...

:):):) This is sooo cute and really funny!! I did'nt know most of them!! :):)

N Jazakallah for sharing!! now i can crack some jokes in here... :):) Love u


Ru said...

All I knew was the 789 one!