Monday, July 19, 2010

We are Back!!

Alhamdulillah what a great time we had!! We attended the wedding and kids made lots of friends. Spending time with cousins was the most cherishable thing for the little ones. R specially got to play with boy cousins (rare!) We went sight-seeing as well. I have a  lot of pictures and stories to share and will be doing so on a span of  a few days so bear with me.

We visited Toronto and took the kids to the Toronto Zoo, Casa Loma, Royal Ontario Museum (the second floor was awesome) and the CN Tower.And how can I forget Niagara Falls??  We also went to Kingston and visited the Thousand Islands. We visited Montreal and saw the Olympic Park, the downtown rich in history and architecture, Port de Montreal and drove around the city. We wanted to do Ottawa and Quebec City as well but due to time limitations and kids (and mine) energy and patience level, we decided to head back to Toronto. There is always a next time, right?

All in all, a very memorable trip Alhamdulillah with a lot of sight-seeing, socializing for the kids and fun overall with all the Halal food choices..

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